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Unmasked 2021

The multimedia exhibition “UNMASKED 2021" at Artloft Berlin is about art, science and the effects of artificial intelligence, the world wide web and social media on society.

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Cyber Entropy

The exhibition “Cyber Entropy” is about art, science and the effects of artificial intelligence on society. As a result of the Covid19 restrictions, the exhibition will be partly virtual and partly physical. 

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The word Menetekel* is literally interpreted as a "threatening sign", it plays a central role in an Old Testament story that deals with the power of information.  It is an interesting story about symbols and sovereignty of interpretation. I think it is now more relevant than ever to understand the codes of information. 

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Light Membrane Space

A selection of membrane light installations

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Interference" is a multimedia room installation with objects, neon light installations, OLED matrix panels, mirrors and projections. It is the friction of positions between the artists that build a transatlantic bridge out of similarities and differences.



This Lab is for out of the box thinkers and visionaries who have spared no effort and risks in their careers to realize their visions. They are empirical and metaphysical researchers of the macro/meso/microcosms. Artists, scientists, innovators who deal with the multidimensional aspects of contemporary culture based on skills experience, and the innovative approach in their passion and profession not following any trends or fashion. 

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Urban Nomads

The event is a multidisciplinary art experiment, far from established places and free of rules of the art market and the ubiquitous art media and gallery or corporate specific art.  At this event, artists have decided what to exhibit, perform or what art is. 

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Installation Performance

This work, shifting from representation to presentation, modifying our perception of the body over time and distance, is the most remarkable output of Ludens’ work. In doing this, this art avoids the shoals of bathos, melancholic nihilism or missionary ideology. There is an indelible optimism that drives the work, a will to belong to the world, a joyful affirmation of being and existing. The whole is resumed in the artist’s name, Ludens: he who is playful, who thus plays, who pushes contradictions, overcomes them and who thus frees himself from their constraint.  Jean Sorrente-Art critic


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