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Experimental audiovisual art project. 

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 Lab Founder, creator of anamorphic video, photo, mirror installations  and light membranes

Dr. med. Jenny Jalali-PhD in human genetics, and multiple specialist in occupational medicine.

Dr. Jean Luc Lehners
 Leader of the ERC Research Group "Theoretical Cosmology"

Max Planck/Albert Einstein Institute

Prof. Tra Bouscaren-
Department of Art at the Florida State University. Post-disciplinary artist.

Ekaterine Khvedelidze
Concert pianist

John Schlesinger, his works triangulate a conversation between sculpture, photography and light art.

Marcin Ratajczak- Inventor, OLED-Nano technology Research and Original Equipment Manufacturer 

Didi Fire

Composer of experimental music, performer, director, actor,

Philosopher at University of Haifa

Zakaria Jaiathe-Founder, CEO,

Augmented Reality Programmer Producer

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