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Art is an equalizer for the sound of the universe.



This Lab is for out of the box thinkers and visionaries who have spared no effort and risks in their careers to realize their visions. They are empirical and metaphysical researchers of the macro/meso/microcosms. Artists, scientists, innovators who deal with the multidimensional aspects of contemporary culture based on skills experience, and the innovative approach in their passion and profession not following any trends or fashion. The goal is to translate ideas that have been developed together into audio-visual works for the purpose of communication beyond words, with analogue and cyber techniques. Our members collaborate professionally with cultural, scientific institutions, industry and also maintain private exchange with creatives from these areas. 

The techniques are including experimental analogue/electronic audio, light-video projections on mirror installations, performance, OLED processed art, remote and automated robotics, CGI techniques, virtual, augmented reality to the audio/visualisation of human genetics, MRI, models and theoretical physics.

The LAB is a platform for the exchange of ideas, the interaction and the joint creation of audio-visual works by the members and external collaborators to the best of their knowledge and belief.

The human being is an anamorphic mirror of the universe, which reflects, analyzes and redefines it again and again by newly gained insights. The distortion through perception and interpretation is the creative chaos that continually gives birth to new versions of the universe. The different backgrounds of the creators, their perspectives and approaches generate creative friction energy or an arc of tension that leads to mutual inspiration.

Quantum communication is a language of the universe, energy frequency and vibration / not only since the new QC computer technology but since light and sound existed. Nature communicates with electromagnetic fields waves and particles whether flora or fauna, organic or inorganic, (presumably) all known and unknown energy and mater, the sum of everything that is perceptible though not consciously comprehensible as a whole. Everything vibrates in interactions between attraction, repulsion, entanglement and arises from a universe of possibilities. Inspired by this idea/assumption, I have invited other lateral thinkers, keen to experiment, open-minded to exchange ideas and create in this lab. This is a playful way to visualize theories of physics, medicine, and other interdisciplinary relations between art and science. A playground to escape Plato's cave and dive into the rabbit hole of possibilities. Welcome to the journey. LvL

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