This work, shifting from representation to presentation, modifying our perception of the body over time and distance, is the most remarkable output of Ludens’ work. In doing this, this art avoids the shoals of bathos, melancholic nihilism or missionary ideology. There is an indelible optimism that drives the work, a will to belong to the world, a joyful affirmation of being and existing. The whole is resumed in the artist’s name, Ludens: he who is playful, who thus plays, who pushes contradictions, overcomes them and who thus frees himself from their constraint.  Jean Sorrente-Art critic

Is that you?

The Interactive multimedia installation/peformance, 'Is that you ' of 2012. The installation consists of a three-part space, in 1/3 is a photo exhibition of previous and the recent session, in the 2/3 booth with a video installation, in the 3/3 booth is a anonymous person.

The exhibition space can be closed off for a private or group experience.
For the photo exhibition I have photographed naked bodies. I asked the participants to mark and describe body parts with circles and what they feel and how they stimulate these places. In the second room is a video loop in which naked torsos from different people are alternated by male and female hands. Behind the viewer a third room with two openings with sleeves for hands and arms. In the room is an anonymous person who can interact with the viewer.

The interaction/performance is anonymous and by mutual agreement. After the experience the participants have the opportunity to anonymously record their impressions, exchange experiences about it, or to enjoy and to remain silent.

 Vault Robbery - Bank Vault Installation & Video, Luxemburg 2017
Flash Mob performance at the MUDAM Museum Luxemburg with Laudrine Sautiere & Serge Moulin

Juxtaposing of Patriarchy and Feminism, on the occasion of the enormous exhibition of Constantine the Great in the diocese of Trier 2007

Chateau Erpeldange, Luxembourg 1997.  Project leader of the workshop for painting, sculpture, installation and performance during The ”Multinational Antiracist Performance Project”( MAPP ) Presentation of the performance: “Auf’s Kreuz” ('On the Cross' or Crucifiction), an extract of the play “Ana Marijuana” (Authored by Ludens - 1986)

Blindfolded performance painting and discussion at Underground Gallery Luxemburg with the Associations of the visually impaired, Belgium, Luxembourg 2006
Concept and realization of the “Diversity Arch” for the international cultural event “Carnival of cultures” and exhibition on the Place Guillaume (City Hall) Luxemburg 1998
Commissioned performance and live painting/intervention with Frānk C. Heller on a 60 by 45 foot (20 M x 15 M) canvas for the telephone company “Berlikomm” & exhibition on the Potsdammer Platz and later at IFA - Internationale Funk Austellung Berlin 1999
TV Trash interactive installation performance with public participation for National Day Celebration -Plateau de Saint Esprit, Luxemburg 1997
Performance “Die Glotze” (Gape box / Goggle box), an extract from the play “ Schattenschleuder” Shadow play on a polyester foil membane. (Shadow slingshot) (Authored by Ludens - 1996) at “Atelier” a high profile concerts hall. Organization of the event in collaboration with Kirsten van Kampen, including the show of the satiric cabaret; “Mamma Grappa” and the auction of paintings from Emile Kirscht, Gast Michels and Ludens for the organization of beaten women ”Femmes en détresse”