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Anamorphic work of Ludens

As Baltrusaitis wrote: ‘Anamorphosis is not an aberration where the reality is subjugated by the mind’s eye.  It is an optical trick where the apparent eclipses the real.’  With Ludens, this eclipse is instead an unveiling, a revealing.  The ideology elicited by every image does not stop reality intruding, as an ironical mirror image.


Jean Sorrente

My art is an anamorphic mirror with which realities can be reflected and decrypted from different perspectives and it serves as an equalizer of distorted social myths. I question social myths that are produced, advertised and marketed as truths and historical or contemporary facts.

I create my photos and videos with the help of deformable mirror installations. From these anamorphic work, I get inspired for paintings, sculptures, room installations or light membranes.

The Technique is based on optical distortion. I work with specially crafted rigid and flexible mirror installations combined with deformed lenses of glass or foils. I use different reflective surfaces, depending on which texture I need. Glass and polished metal, especially silver are for clear sharp photo or video shots-plastics like Mylar, Plexiglass or Polycarbonate are for blurred, grainy and disperse paint-like-texture. The mirrors and mirror installations are individual designs for each session. I shoot the reflections and deformations with a photo or video camera.

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