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My animated video Infected Idiots* addresses the viral flood of information on the World Wide Web and its impact on the mental health of a growing number of users. Even though the Internet represents a great advancement for humanity, it also brings with it negative effects. Above all, the algorithms of social media, which serve as platforms for the inflated egos of influencers, narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths who often organize themselves into ideological interest groups to achieve their goals, spread like viruses and contaminate people's brains. Whether individuals, institutions, religious fanatics or misanthropes who disguise themselves as philanthropists. The Internet has become an incubator for social diseases such as cancel/cancer culture or, more precisely, cyber bullying to name just one of the viruses that are spreading like a pandemic. The ringleaders and followers of cancel culture sabotage a meaningful discourse and drive dissidents to ruin. The Internet has become a breeding ground for idiots who believe they are experts through partial knowledge that they have pieced together eclectically from the Internet. Welcome to the “Brave New World” of the World Wide Web. * The word idiot comes from the Greek ἰδιώτης idiōtēs “simple person; private citizen; Layman” from ἴδιος idios → “own; concerning the individual” via Latin idiōta → la and idiōtēs → la “ignorant, unlearned, inexperienced person”

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