Light Membranes

Membranes or String and M-Theory visualization


The membranes are about the complementarity of music and light. At the beginnings, I experimented with music by Frank Zappa, Robert Fripp, György Ligeti and others and came to the conclusion that it makes more sense to explore the membranes live with experimental music. The first public live experiments took place in New York in 2002/3 at Steely Dean, Galapagos and some off locations in Dumbo. I was not satisfied with the performances, because many musicians were unfamiliar with the complementarity of light and music, they understood the membranes as a psychedelic light show. In Berlin, I combined the membranes with anamorphic videos, with the music that Alejandro Vaquero (Membrane II) and David „Didi“ Fire (several works I still use for the experiments) I showed the Membranes (Lilith a.o.) a couple of times in the Asphalt Club Berlin (Bricks) and decided to continue to live in interaction with musicians. In December 2012 I played for the first time with Arthur Colombini and Luca Fogagnolo in the Sculptor Loft Berlin. I saw my vision for the first time realized-spontaneously improvised by agreement and without exercises, the complementarity of music and light in mutual inspiration. (Membrane QC1)


In the 1990s I learned about the "Superstring Theory" (Leonard Susskind, John Schwarz (just to name a few) which led to the "M-Theory" by Edward Witten 1995. These theories about quantum physics and in particular the Complementarity Principle of Niels Bohr and the Uncertainty Principle of Werner Heisenberg on one side and works of Peter Sloterdijk (The Trilogy "Spheres") on philosophy and cultural studies, as well as the works of Alan Watts and others have inspired me in my work to explore the invisible layers of perception which led me to develop my Anamorphic video/photo technique and light membranes. After years of experimenting with diverse installations, lenses and lighting I have been able to visualize my vision of the String & M-Theory from my perspective and understanding of the same. These works are done without CGI.