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Cyber Entropy Vol. 1

Cyber Entropy Vol.1
After my exhibition “Cyber Entropy” at Artloft Berlin was postponed due to the first lockdown from April to November, the second lockdown came in November. Accordingly, most of the 12 planned live events with other participants and visitors were no longer possible. At least I was able to record some live performances before the lockdown. I used the time for reflections and experiments in physics and metaphysics with a focus on cyber entropy and the inpact on society. I will publish the four parts in May. I´ve  set up four exhibitions, documented them and dismantled them again. During the month of May I will publish a selection of works in four parts on this page that were exhibited at Artloft Berlin from November 2020 to February 2021. Some of the works are a retrospective from the time when Artloft Berlin was created in 2013. The majority of the works are recent and most of them were created at the Artloft,

Cyber Entropy Part 1. Anamorphic photo and video installations. Theoretical Cosmology-Visualization of theories of physics with Dr. Jean Luc Lehners, aswell as metaphysical reflections about light and sound and society.

Cyber Entropy Part 2. Cyber photo and video installations with OLED nano technology in collaboration with the founder, innovator and CEO of INURU Berlin Marcin Ratajczak.

Cyber Entropy Parts 3 & 4 are reflections on recent state of society and how the www. reveals it self as a Spider Web for the users.

Thanks to everyone who supported these projects, especially to: Denise Groß, Markus Kniepkamp, Dr. Jenny Jalali Marcin Ratajczak

The Wormhole Friction series is a visualization of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge theory, also known as the wormhole theory. The theory describes a wormhole that connects two areas of flat space-time; two universes or two parts of the same universe. I apply the theory to my visual / cognitive reality. I have been experimenting with custom made mirrors and lenses to bend space and matter since the nineties until I developed a technique that allowed me to make things appear visually from a point, hole, sky, wall, or other surface and transform solid things into liquid forms. I use flexible mirrors - I take photos or film reflections. (No computer-generated imagery). I use them as inspiration for my oil paintings, sculptures and other creative processes. This video shows the interaction between the subway bridge and the Technical Museum in Berlin with the DC3 “Raisin Bomber” on the roof. Two constructed space-time realities of Homo Faber. Steel and stone, light and supple like water and dancing, they dissolve into air. Playing with the elements gives me the opportunity to experience other dimensions of reality.

Theoretical Cosmology-Visualisation of the Ur / quantum / jump

"According to quantum theory, everything happens with a certain probability. These pictures illustrate a probability calculation for the origin of space and time out of nothing, based on the model of the "Borderless Universe" by James Hartle and Stephen Hawking. Light means likely, dark unlikely. Each point describes a possible universe, with the horizontal distance from the center determining the age of the universe, while the vertical distance determines the "strength" of the required quantum leap out of nowhere. Where the bright lines intersect are the most likely universes - universes like ours."  Dr. Jean Luc Lehners  Link

I created this photo / video installation after some inspiring get-togethers with Jean Luc at Artloft Berlin in November 2020. The interview will be published soon.

Shasta Ellenbogen at Artloft Berlin, November 2020 plays Paul Hindemith - Sonate op 25 No 1.  Shasta: "Furious time measure. Wild! Tone beauty is secondary," P.S. It just happened without a rehearsal-One shot with a Smartphone-no editing. We also have a György Ligeti interpretation but I still have to download it from the big camera ... coming soon! :)

Voluptas Vortex II

More at

Quantum Communication live light membrane performance with experimental music at the Sculptor loft(now Artloft II, from 2012

More about at

The Lilith Myth Series

Not that I believe the tales and traditions of other "men" from the Bronze Age in any way, as well as most contemporary news and traditions, the only thing I have learned from them is that the current state of affairs - the fear of human kind/gender equality and the unbalanced evolutionary progress is already thousands of years old. The bullies of mankind define themselves as superior species, partly because they still claim prerogative from tradition and not necessarily just because they have a penis and testicles. For many, these just hang around and are only brought to light to urinate or for sexual harassment. Listening or reading the statements of most politicians, "clergy man" and man in power, i wonder what these brakes on evolution are still talking about? It is the year 2021 A.D. !

The Lilith myth symbolizes the independence of women and the (already biblical) attempt by men to suppress it by means of a higher authority. In psychology there are two apparently opposing characteristics of women - sensuality, passion, sexuality (Lilith) and motherliness, modesty, obedience (Eva). The myth of Lilith has been used in numerous writings as a female demon of Sumerian origin since the Old Babylonian period. Mentioned in the Babylonian Talmund: "Like Lilith, she lets her hair grow, she sits down and lets water like cattle, and she serves her husband as a mattress". Hebrew Old Testament as a night active animal ... desert dweller, child murderer. In Goethe's Faust as Adam's first wife ...

In Jewish feminist theology, Lilith is portrayed in the Midrash as a woman who does not withdraw from God's rule, but from Adam's rule and, unlike Eve, is resistant to the devil. She positively symbolizes the intellectual, strong woman. In another version, Lilith was Adam's first wife to get God to reveal his holy name to her. The name gave her unlimited power. Lilith asked God for wings and flew away. My Lilith interpretations pay homage to the latter. It is an homage to the sisters of Lilith, whom I "fortunately" got to know.


Singularity-Duality IV

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