Anamorphic Video Selection

Wormhole Friction

The Wormhole Friction series is a visualization of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge Theory also known as the Wormhole Theory. The theory describes a wormhole connecting two regions of flat space-time; two universes, or two parts of the same universe. I was experimenting since the Nineties with custom made mirrors and lenses installations-bending space and matter until I've developed a technique that enables me to make things appear out of a spot, hole, the sky, wall or another surface, morph solid things into fluid forms and make them disappear in a hole again. 
I use flexible mirrors- photographed or filmed reflections, without computer generated imagery.
 The video shows the interaction between the Möckern train bridge and the Technical Museum in Berlin emerging from a wormhole.

Anamorphic clips from the cycle 'Homo Faber' series Trans-Sport'
I question the achievements of the Homo Faber from an anthropological, socio-cultural and spiritual perspective inspired by current theories of physics. The human animal builds its world in the Newtonian sense with the help of tools, a societal set of rules and aligns its spirituality with it. With the distortion/equalization of its creation, I scrutinize the conventional technophile approach of Homo Faber. I use photographed or filmed reflections, without computer manipulation. 
In the series 'Trans-Sport' I am dealing with the movement of people and goods. The name is a pun on 'Trans' and 'Sport', the need and the desire to move and to be moved with a vehicle -transport as a sport.


Heil Gott!

I was inspired to make this video during Pope Benedict XVI visit to Berlin on 22.September 2011.
In the Catholic Church, the Pope is regarded as the successor of Saint Peter, the Apostle martyred in Rome. According to by definition, the Pope is 'infallible'. Therefore I question the paradoxical behavior of the Pope inter alia, his address to the Jewish Community, his speech at the 'Reichstag' and the ceremony of the Holy Mass at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, (Historical venue of the 1936 games under the patronage of Adolf Hitler.) Last but not least, his faith. The Holy Father seems to trust more in a heavily armored Mercedes-Benz SUV and a bunch of MIB's (Men In Black) when it comes to his security than in his Lord. I find it highly questionable, to denote a man as infallible who acts in such a way. I am fallible. I will not throw the first stone. I just try to understand the contradiction between word and deed.
The anamorphic video was shown at the 'Cyberfest 2012' and 2017 at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg , and at the exhibition 'Naked Factory' Kunsthalle M3, Berlin.
Read more about at link below. Stigmart Video Focus Interview




If God created everything, then that is a truly great Creator. I've never seen a god on TV calling people out to commit suicide and murder. The ones I see on the news seem to me as some frustrated, hate-infested and power-hungry men . Why God created them is a mystery to me, but certainly not because the Almighty is in need of help, of people who know nothing better to do with the gift of life than to destroy it. That some people believe that they will be rewarded after their death for hatred and murder is even more absurd. In this sense, I wonder-is it the Devil who seduces those people to destroy God's creation?

Well, it's a hypothetical consideration, because I do not believe in the devil and other myths that people have ever invented to control their fellow human beings. I think it's disgusting, that parents put children into the world and do not let them thrive and become loving and creative humans but let them rot in hatred and destruction.

This animation from 2005 is a response to the increasing religious radicalization in the Middle East, Europe and its dissemination by the media worldwide. Religious belief has always been used as a weapon of power struggles. The mass media transforms the bigotry in to a strategic arsenal to be utilized by the power brokers at will. Ironically, the puppets do not see through the delusion. The absurdity of the progress of the mass media is that moving images mobilize even the illiterate and make cheap remote-controlled weapons out of them.