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Oval Office 4:0's

Oval Office 4:0’s


Art is said to be the mirror of society but there are many mirrors of society and most of them are distortion mirrors reflecting a sick society of inhuman political criminals and greedy walking dead. 

A president should, in accordance with the constitution, represent the interests of a country's citizens. Who does this viral criminal-ignorant, advice-resistant-infantile-illiterate clown…actually represent, himself and his peers? Or is this circus just a distraction, a wall of fog to hide even bigger monstrosities to come?


Let's not fool ourselves, we all live in a global, increasingly enslaved society, the oligarchs own the states and rule over us. Democracy is a euphemism for growing Neo-Feudalism or technocratic dictatorship. The word "democracy" is derived from ancient Greek δημοκρατία "rule of the state people". The term "people" was very narrowly defined at that time (as it is today) since it only granted relevant political participation rights and power to an extremely limited group of citizens, ie the "free citizens" and their yes-sayers and executors. (Like well-paid politicians, the Army and the mad dogs from many PD’s)

There is no longer a significant difference between the political systems, whether the remaining communists in Asia or South America or democracies of the West. Populists grow like poisonous mushrooms from the acidified thicket and poison the population and the social fabric. Who are the scapegoats this time? All those who think for themselves, who think differently, how dare they!? It's also the Journalists, Mexicans, Germans and all Europeans except the Brits, women, Democrats and all who disagree  On the other hand Dictators, KKK, homegrown Nazis, paedophile friends… quote D.T.: „are very fine people!“ 


Who are the Psychocrat’s, directors and producers of the new US dystopia? Who makes such an unscrupulous society thrive alongside the obvious zombies like the Twitter Trumpet, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein and countless others? The whole madness seems like a Hollywood screenplay devised in a psychiatric clinic for incurable sociopaths.  A dictatorship disguised as a pseudo-democracy mutates into dystopia before our eyes. What comes after foreclosure, Xenophobia, Misogyny, warmongering, Corona panic, unemployment, racism, police violence... civil war… or maybe the aliens, with Captain America and other Marvel comic characters as saviours of the world and funny Matt Groening as a prophet? 


I’ve made the room installation „Oval Office 4:0’s“ ( read „Oval Office for Zeros) in May 2017 as a reaction to the election of the Twitter Trumpet as the Bully of the World. I am amazed that he has made it this far without hindrance.


Even if it would be naive to believe in a happy ending, at least a fresh start is possible after the senseless destruction has ended. I hope that there are still reasonable upright Americans who will wipe up this mess after he's gone. 

Oval Office 4:0's Room installation May 2017
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