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Anamorphic Berlin

The Anamorphic Video/Membrane Works are based on the nature of light, the wave-particle duality of photons, presence and absence of light, spirit of light and darkness.  It is driven by the idea that reality is a matter of perception and matter - clusters of atoms oscillating in a frequency pattern. You can change a rendered reality by changing the frequency pattern of that reality or matter

I am inspired by observations of society and theories of post-Newtonian modern physics classical and contemporary ideas of metaphysics. I question the technophile approach of 'Homo Faber' by morphing, deconstructing and dissolving the rigid structure of his creation with variable mirror installations and light.

My art is an anamorphic mirror with which social events can be reflected and decrypted from different perspectives. It serves as an equalizer of distorted social realities. I question myths that are produced, advertised and marketed by the media industries as truths and historical or contemporary facts.

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