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Images of the exhibition "Unmasked 2021"

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Loudwig van Ludens & AVRAR Lab. at ARTLOFT BERLIN

The multimedia exhibition “UNMASKED 2021" is about art, science and the effects of artificial intelligence and social media on society.


1. The exhibition shows  multi media room installations and sculptures anamorphic and animated videos and audio-visual light installations.


2. A world premiere of cybernetic photos and installations by Loudwig van Ludens in collaboration with Marcin Ratajczak and his OLED lighting technology from the INURU hi-tech laboratories in the Adlershof Berlin technology park.


3. A video visualization of the New Big Bang Theory. Visualized, in collaboration with and presented by physicist Dr. Jean Luc Lehners, head of the ERC research group “Theoretical Cosmology” at the Max Planck / Einstein Institute.


Unmasked1 _edited.jpg

Room 1

Curated by Loudwig van Ludens

Thanks to everyone who supported these projects, especially to:

Denise Groß, Markus Kniepkamp,

Dr. Jenny Jalali

Marcin Ratajczak

Dr. Jean Luc Lehners

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