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iTools 3.0

iTools 0.1 to 3.0 - 2021

Ideological Tools from the Big Brother series.

Exhibition "Unmasked 2021" at Artloft Berlin

The multimedia installation consists of the Bible, the VE 301 GW radio receiver from World War II, the Apple iPad, which stand on pedestals in front of a monolith and colored plastic pearls lie on the concrete floor. What do the Bible, the radio, and the iPod have in common? Among other things, they are tools of propaganda entertainment and governence of their time.


The Bible of the Kings and clergy lured the followers with the promise of life in heaven and threatened all others with agony in hell.

The Radio of the Nazis was a tool to gain more Followers promising to them a heroic life in the Thousand Year Reich of the German Nation and persecuted and murdered the opponents of their ideology like the clergy did before them.

Todays Billionaires are in power with new ideological tools.
Everyone is currently experiencing what the IT Industries are offering to us… everything that has ever been invented combined to govern and exploit us with algorithms beyond good and evil, creating a population of scared entertainment junkies trapped in virtual realities in their Home Office’s isolation during the Pandemic, who follow, like or cancel others.

I believe in the advancement of civilization also through technological development. So I'm not criticizing the inventions, some of which are ingenious, I'm just bothered by how people give up their freedom for the illusion of security and 24/7 entertainment. It also disgusts me how unscrupulously people harm others just because they have a different opinion. The absurd part is, they do it anonymously, ambushing and harming their chosen unsuspecting scapegoat without any consequences. Welcome to the new conformist universe... "One more thing..."... Apple brings to you the #iMetaverse... surely the best of all metaverses!

This is the successor to my "Big Brothers iTools“ installation from 2009 with the Radio and the first iPhone.

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